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The Jen Obermeier Vlogcast

Apr 7, 2020

Discussing today:

- You are not too old or too young to do this, and everything I'm teaching can be implemented this week.

- Long term vs. short term strategies and how to figure out what you want out of an online business. There are 3 groups of people and you fall into one of them.

- How you actually get paid for blogging or video content on the internet (it is usually not from the content itself, which is why you don't need to have a million followers on YouTube for it to be worth your time)

- Quick services you can USE right now to help you get started, or SELL YOURSELF to make money right away from home

My vlogcast is here to teach you exactly how online businesses work, one topic at a time.

(What's a vlogcast?? It's a daily live video blog + podcast, all in one!)

You can join in to talk to me daily on Facebook, or subscribe to the show on YouTube, Apple, or Google Podcasts.

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About: Jen Obermeier is an entrepreneur and certified business coach and consultant. Her company, Pro Organizer Studio, was founded in 2016 as a business resource for the professional organizing industry and serves a worldwide audience. She believes that you too can make an online business out of who you are and what you know! Learn for free from her about every aspect of monetizing your online presence here on the vlogcast.

 This is a replay of a Facebook Live broadcast on the Jen Obermeier Facebook page. Turn on notifications for the vlogcast on her page so that you can participate LIVE in the next episode.